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About Us

Time To Brand is the most specialized Sales Agency in the Iberian market on brand sales representation, providing outsourced sales solutions for Brands and Manufacturers who would like to implement a sustainable business, in the region.
For us, sales is much more than just the invoicing process. We are specialists on building real business partnerships!
With high expertise in the local market, we do provide solutions for Brands, allowing them better flexibility and maximizing profitability through the transformation of fixed into variable costs.

We do manage the whole distribution chain, until the product reaches the end customer (Brand, Distribution, B2B, B2C, Customer).
We are the ideal solution for Brands who want to guarantee a local commercial presence, without incurring the high costs associated with an own structure that implies its own human resources, infrastructures and respective assets.

Cristina Leitão

CFO & Backoffice Manager

Marco Vicente

CEO & Sales Representative

Ricardo Silva

Key Account Manager

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